Given the name Nur Farina binti Harun.  Call me Nina or anything that you want to call me. Born on 12th of January, 1997 (currently 16). I currently school at SMK Agama Tun Ahmad Zaidi, Kuching, Sarawak. I am Melanau Islam, from Mukah, Sarawak, MY. I stay at Kuching. I have a weight of 44.5 kilos and 164cm tall. Actually, in real life, I am such a coward person. I'm slow when it comes to my own feelings. I wear glasses. I love to troll around so don't be annoyed since you have been warned. My favourite food are something that spicy and marveloous. I love Italian food indeed. Beverage? As long as it cool and refreshing, it should be enough! I hate waking up in the morning. I never like to do anything unless it has a benefit. I love cakes and ice-cream. When bad things happen, I tend to blame myself a lot. I have a strong bond with my siblings. Plus, I do like to play games. Counter Strike Global Edition is a superb game, I get addicted to it. I never get tired of playing that game. I also prefer to watch movie when the boredom comes to hit me.

I'm one of 2012's PMR candidates and I got 7as. Alhamdulillah. And to tell you the truth, there's a lot of things that I like. Naruto Shippuden is my addiction. I will forever loving Shippuden. Uchiha Sasuke is my lovely sexy husbando. I hope no one will steal him from me okay joke. Other than that, as you can see in my blog, I'm a huge fan of EXO and Kpop thingiee. That little tiny bunny of mine is Thehun pyyong ppyong. Kyungsoo Luhan and Kris are friggin cute in any angle. For conclusion, I stan 12 incredible wolves aumm. Na eureurong eureurong eureurong dae.You can talk to me about Infinite, SHINee, TVXQ, Beast, Suju, TeenTop, U-kiss, BIGBANG, B.A.P, C-Clown, BTOB, SNSD, 2NE1, LEDApple, CNBLUE, and B1A4. I do like to read books. Any kind of books actually, but sweet-romance-sacrifices-sliceoflife genres are my favourite.

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